Multi Hose Party Pump Hire

Beer – it is often described as an essential part of any event. In addition, the possibilities with this type of beverage are endless! From lagers to ales and stouts, beer can suit the taste palate of everyone. However, the taste sensation can be amped up with a few simple tricks! Whether you’re hosting a small house party, barbecue or birthday party, many often opt for cans of lager which will either take up too much room in the fridge or will be served warm and bland. This is the reason we here at Party Keg Hire have introduced our latest keg dispense system Multi Hose Party Pump Hire.

Offering your guests cold draught beer completely changed the dynamic of their experience. Having the unique feel of pouring yourself a refreshing pint is unique and memorable. Our Multi Hose Party Pump Hire is the ideal way of serving large numbers of guests for a low cost.

The Multi Hose Party Pump Hire can include a keg or you can source one yourself, we are pleased to help either way! The dispenser requires no electricity or gas; simply place your keg in a tub with ice and water, clamp onto the top of your keg, pump with your foot to pressurise and then pour from any or all of the 4 beer nozzles provided.

Well known in American films, our Multi Hose Party Pump Hire is perfect for sharing beers with your friends or a speedy set up for a game of beer pong. Our current range of kegs which are available for use with the dispenserare Carlsberg, Fosters, Kronenbourg, Amstel, Heineken, San Miguel, Peroni, Meantime London Lager & Pale Ale.

If you’re interested in our Multi Hose Party Pump Hire, contact a member of our sales team today.

Foot pump

1) Place your keg in a large tub with ice and water to get it down to a refreshing temperature.
2) Clamp your Multi Hose Party Pump onto the top of your keg.
3) Pressurise the keg with the foot pump to push the beer into the tap hose.
4) Tilt your glass to a 45 degree angle and pour from the spout, slowly straightening the glass as it fills.
5) Enjoy your perfect pint!