Mini Keg Chiller

When arranging a small get-together with your family, friends or even business partners it is natural that you will want the easiest possible solution to your drinks needs. Along with other options such as our Party Pump, our Mini Keg Chillers are a great way to have your drinks ready and available – the Mini Keg Chiller featuring the added bonus of included cooling!

A great alternative to our Party Pump if you-re looking to pour your drinks in an area with easy access to electricity, our Mini Keg Chiller is the perfect option to your function. Simply clamp the beer lines to the party keg, plug the Chiller into the mains and you’re ready to pour!

Our Mini Keg Chiller can pour around 5 pints every few minutes – and while this may struggle to cope with larger events, it will be more than enough to deal with your small gatherings with friends and family!

The Mini Keg Chiller has its own inbuilt cooling system and uses air pressure as opposed to gas so there are no external gas bottles or coolers to get in the way!

If you’re looking to arrange a small event with friends, family or a few business partners – our Mini Keg Chiller is the perfect option for you! Simply get in touch and we would be glad to provide you with this great and simple to use device!