Lowenbrau Keg Hire

Looking to hold an Oktoberfest themed party? Or simply want to offer your guests a great tasting beer? Lowebnrau Keg Hire could be the perfect addition to your function! Lowenbrau’s heritage dates back to 1383 and has appeared at every Oktoberfest festival since 1810. The pale lager should be served with a large head to preserve the slightly sweet malty aromas. The taste is well balanced between grainy malt flavours, spicy hops and moderate bitterness that lingers on the palate.

Lowenbrau Keg Hire from Party Keg Hire is popular all year around. However, it is most popular during the Oktoberfest period. Lowenbrau is one of the 6 breweries present at the festival and serve stein after stein of this great beer. Now you can too! Our party pumps are the perfect dispenser for Lowenbrau kegs as they require no gas or flash coolers. They simply clamp onto the top of the keg. Pump with your hand and pour with the professional dispense tap for the perfect serve every time!

All of our Lowenbrau Keg Hire barrels are 11 gallons and hold 88 pints of beer – the perfect amount for a gathering of friends at home whilst hosting an Oktoberfest themed event! Our Lowenbrau Keg Hire is the convenient, low priced alternative to stocking up on bottles of beer which may take up a huge amount of room in the fridge, are often damaged by sunlight during transportation and have a less crisp taste on the palate – for that true Oktoberfest experience you have to go draught!

You’ll be receiving a high quality service from a well established company at a price that won’t break the bank!

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