Kronenbourg Keg Hire

Our Kronenbourg Keg Hire is the perfect way to enjoy your own batch of this pub favourite beer. Kronenbourg 1664 is a 5.5% ABV Pale Lager originally brewed in 1952. While Kronenbourg 1664 is over 60 years of age, the company itself – made in (you guessed it) 1664 – is over 350 years old.

It was formed by Master Brewer Geronimus Hatt – who earned his title in 1649 after receiving his Master Brewer’s certificate. Kronenbourg was originally known simply as ‘Hatt Brewery’. The successor of the company – Claude Hatt – moved the brewery to the higher terrain in Cronenbourg. This was after repeat floodings in the original area of Ill. The company was later renamed to Tigre Bock in 1922. However, sometime after the Second War, the name changed again to its current name of Kronenbourg.

Kronenbourg 1664 has become one of the most loved brands of beer in the UK. Thus why our Kronenbourg Keg Hire service is perfect for ensuring that you have access to this delightful beer at practically any function! No matter what event – our Kronenbourg Keg Hire service is the very best way to ensure the highest quality of Kronenbourg beer is available at your fingertips for whenever you need it.

Being based in 11 (88 pint) gallon quantities, our Kronenbourg Keg Hire is perfect for a variety of different situations. 11 gallons is a fair quantity, meaning that a single unit is easily enough to cope with these smaller events. Furthermore, ensuring that when stacked, these kegs are more than enough to cope with larger events.

Along with your Kronenbourg 1664 keg we can provide you with an easy-to-use dispensing method, the Party Pump. This is a great dispensing method for enabling you to pull a perfect pint in practically any situation as well as being simple to use.

If our Kronenbourg Keg Hire service could help you, get in touch and we’d be glad to help you out!