Keg Hire Surrey

Keg Hire is a useful service wherever you are, including in the Surrey area. Our Keg Hire is perfect for a variety of different forms of event ranging from corporate events to smaller situations. Whatever the case, our Keg Hire Surrey service is the best way to ensure that you have everything you need.

We have a variety of kegs available for you to hire in our Keg Hire Surrey service. These include several beer favourites such as Peroni and Heineken. In addition to kegs of cider such as the Strongbow as well as ales and stouts that are sure to help make your event. This large variety of beverages ensures that whatever your preference, we can provide.

Our Keg Hire Surrey service includes the hire of our Party Pump. This is an easy-to-use dispenser that is simply clamped onto the top of the keg. The Party Pump is then manually pumped to pressurise and then poured using the tap. Due to the minimal equipment and easy setup used with our Party Pump, this is a highly versatile and easy way to dispense the contents of your keg, and can be used in almost any situation – making this one of the most useful dispensing methods around.

If you have any upcoming events, our Party Pump dispensers – along with our 11 gallon kegs – are a good way to make sure that you can have all the kegs of drink that you need for your function whether that be a house party, corporate event, group function or any other form of event that you may have planned that requires our Keg Hire Surrey service.

If our Keg Hire Surrey service interests you, contact us today!