Hobgoblin Cask Hire

Hobgoblin is a well-known ale brewed within the UK by the Wychwood Brewery. Described as a ‘Ruby Beer’ by the Wychwood brewery, Hobgoblin has become notable for many reasons. The most noteworthy reason being the gifting between Barack Obama and David Cameron (President of the USA and Prime Minister of the UK). This is where the two exchanged beers from their home cities.

Hobgoblin is characterised by Jeremy Moss – the brewery’s head brewer – as “full-bodied and well-balanced with a chocolate toffee malt flavour, moderate bitterness and a distinctively fruity character”. In addition, Moss also commented on the Ale’s “Ruby red glow”. This has become almost trademark of this beer and others in the range.

Our Hobgoblin Cask Hire service includes the use of our Ale Hand Pump. Our Ale Hand Pump is the perfect dispensing method for experiencing this fruity beer at its highest possible quality. The Ale Hand Pump is complete with a creamer to ensure the very best quality of ale is dispensed. Our Ale Hand Pump is a simple and easy-to-use dispensing method perfect for a variety of scenarios. Due to the compact and simple design of the Ale Hand Pump we can reach our customers throughout the UK – whether they’re based in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Island – ensuring that wherever you are based we can help you out!

The casks used in our Hobgoblin Cask Hire service hold 9 gallons of beer. This ensures that you have more than enough ale to go round at your events. 9 gallons is also an easy amount to add up, ensuring that if you require more vast quantities of the beer for larger events then you are more than equipped to do so.

These casks – along with our Ale Hand Pump service – are often used by our clients in a variety of situations. Among these are house-parties for sporting landmarks, personal and corporate celebrations and university keg hires.

If our Hobgoblin Cask Hire interests you, feel free to get in touch and we’d be glad to help out!