Grolsch Party Keg Hire

One of the UK’s leading premium lagers is Grolsch and it’s sold in establishments throughout the UK. Grolsch is a traditional pilsner style beer with a great bite and big hoppy flavour. These hops give a great fruity aspect along with a dry finish which lends its hand to an array of events. But what if you don’t want to go to the pub for your event? What if your event is a house party or barbeque? Party Keg Hire have the ideal solution through our Grolsch Party Keg Hire service! Which uniquely gives you the chance to enjoy draught Grolsch from the comfort of your own home.

Our Grolsch Party Keg Hire service has grown in popularity in recent years as event organisers are deciding they want to offer something more refreshing and distinctive. Grolsch Party Keg Hire consists of your favourite beer and our favourite beer dispenser – the party pump. Draught beer dispensers which require gas and a cooling system are used widely throughout the world. However, they are just too industrialised and oversized for the humble house party or small function hall.

The party pump system within our Grolsch Party Keg Hire is small, compact and easy to use. Gone are the worries of connecting your gas to your keg, your beer lines to your cooler and finding a suitable surface to clamp your tap on to. With a party pump you simply clamp the tap onto the top of your Grolsch keg. Finally place the keg in a tub with ice and you are ready to go!

To ensure your Grolsch Party Keg Hire is successful, ensure your keg is nice and cold before you begin pouring. Then tilt your glass to a 45 degree angle and slowly tilt the glass upright as the beer begins to fill it.

For more information on our Grolsch Party Keg Hire service throughout the entire UK, please feel free to get in contact with a member of our dedicated customer service team today.