Greene King IPA Keg

Real ale is a drink admired by many in the UK and none more so than Greene King IPA. Consequently why it was the world’s best selling cask ale from 2002 until 2013. That is why we here at Party Keg Hire are pleased to offer Greene King IPA Keg Hire for private and corporate events throughout the country. Greene King IPA is a real session ale with a refreshing hoppy flavour and clean bitter finish. Three different types of malts are used in this brew to help balance the intense flavour of the hops with extra richness and has a taste which lends its hand to spicier foods as well shared with friends at home.

Greene King IPA Keg Hire is one of our most popular services with more and more men and women looking to have a cask of this fine ale available on tap in their own home or other venue of their choice. To ensure the best taste, your Greene King IPA Keg Hire cask will only consist of the best ingredients. As well as the yeast left in for added maturation whilst in the cask.

Once your Greene King IPA Keg arrives, you must firstly place the keg where you want it for your event. Secondly, leave it to settle for 24 hours and then tap it with our traditional ale hand pull pump. The ale pump is an easy use piece of kit which simply uses air pressure to draw your real ale from the cask.

Greene King IPA Keg Hire is perfect for sporting events such as the World Cup, six nations or Champions League. In addition to house parties, weddings or birthdays – treat your guests to the fine taste of Greene King IPA!

For more information on our Greene King IPA Keg Hire, get in touch with a member of our sales team.