Doom Bar Keg Hire

Real ale is growing ever popular in the UK with many micro-breweries springing up. In addition to a range of inventive beers for both older and younger drinkers alike appearing. Although new brewers are coming into the mix, some of the best ales in the country are those who have been around for longer. One of our favourites is Sharp’s Doom Bar! It’s spicy hop aroma alongside sweet and delicate malt notes is just one of the reasons we love it. The palate receives a great fruity flavour with subtle but notable bitterness. We here at Party Keg Hire want to share our love of UK brewed real ales with the nation. That is why we are pleased to offer Doom Bar Keg Hire.

Our 9 gallon casks of ale within our Doom Bar Keg Hire service are the perfect size for smaller functions. These include house parties, birthday parties and weddings. At 72 pints, the Doom Bar casks will serve enough without having anything left over! The dispensing unit of choice for our Doom Bar Keg Hire is our ale hand pump system. Just like the traditional hand pull system seen in pubs across the UK, our ale hand pump inserts into the cask and uses pressure gained from pulling to dispense the beer. Once the ale hand pump has been inserted, clamp the pump onto a work surface, bar or table and pour!

Doom Bar Keg Hire is growing in popularity as more event organisers are looking to provide great tasting ale which has been accredited with 10 different beer awards since 2009 at a low price and with convenient delivery. The experience of using a well presented traditional ale hand pump can transform any event.

For more information on Doom Bar Keg Hire, please contact a member of our sales team today.