Party Keg Hire

Hand Party Pump - Bitter & Stout

£ £ / 1-4 days
£ / 1-4 days
£ Buy Option Available
£ £ Buy Option Available


Draught Stout or Bitter is most refreshing and is made better when it is brought to you! The easy of use of the Hand Party Pump for hire ensures a great night where you and your friends or family can enjoy tasty pints.

For a perfect pint every pour, angle the pint glass to a 45 degree angle and open to tap all the way, once the glass is three quarters full, steadily angle it back and allow for around 15mm of foamy head goodness! Don’t forget to let it settle.

The Hand Party Pump Hire can either be on it’s own if you source your own kegs or order it along with kegs from us. We stock Guinness and John Smith’s but are able to order in other brands which can be delivered to the venue or can be collected from our Kent depot – these include:

    John Smiths

If you are unsure whether Party Keg Hire stock the keg of your choice, just ask!

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