Caveman Neanderthal Cask

If you’re looking for a great craft ale producer who constantly experiments and innovates a range of great ales, stouts and porters as well as bitters, then look no further than our Caveman Neanderthal Cask Hire! Caveman Brewery has been running since 2012 with their line up being available in a range of establishments throughout Kent and London. Here at Party Keg Hire we are pushing our Caveman range out across the entire UK. This is so that beer lovers everywhere can appreciate the great taste of well made beers.

Caveman Neanderthal Cask Hire consist of a 9 gallon cask of Caveman Neanderthal Bitter. This brew is full of caramel and malt flavours matched with traditional Kent hops. Caveman Neanderthal is one of the brewer’s permanent beers. This is often accompanied across the South East by the breweries seasonal ales, porters and stouts.

Caveman Neanderthal Cask Hire has grown in popularity over recent months.This is due to beer enthusiasts across the country looking for new and exciting brews. Our Caveman Neanderthal Cask Hire is also a must have for any party, wedding, birthday or barbecue.

Not only will you receive a great ale in our Caveman Neanderthal Cask Hire but a well finished, easy to use dispenser. The ale hand pump is similar to those found in pubs across the country. It uses pressure created by the pumping of the traditional looking hand pump to draw the ale from the cask. To appreciate the hoppy aroma this beer is best served with an inch of foamy head.

If you’re interested in Caveman Neanderthal Cask Hire, contact with a member of our sales team today.