Beer Keg Tap Hire

What are the cheap and easy ways or dispensing my keg?

Party Keg Hire have a large range of beer keg taps and dispensers available that won’t break the bank! Our party pump hire has proven to be one of our most popular services. This fun and simple way of dispensing the beer from your keg works by placing the keg in ice to chill it and clamp the party pump on. The air pressure created by the pumping of the handle pushes the beer into the professional tap which the pours a lovely pint.

Our other cheap method of pouring your beer is our beer chiller unit. This small and portable machine simply sits on top of a table or other surface and plugs into the mains. This unit also uses air sucked into the vents to push the beer into the cooler unit of the machine which then chills the beer which can then be dispensed through the professional beer tap. This method of dispensing beer gives off a very professional feel although can only be used for a steady stream of pouring and not a constant stream of pouring.

Why shouldn’t I just buy bottled beer?

Bottled beer, unlike draught beer is pasteurised. This means it was brought to a high temperature to kill any germs before travel. Kegs however are kept cold even during shipping. This ensures that there are no germs which gives it a better, less carbonated taste. The fact that beer kegs have a much shorter shelf life than bottled beer is because it is fresher. Thus bringing a huge amount of taste to the palate compared to bottled or canned beer.

If there is no gas bottle will my beer come out flat?

No. If you were to use either of the beer keg taps stated above your beer would come out just like using a CO2 system! Beer in kegs is already pressurised and carbonated. This is due to the chemical reactions that take place during the brewing process. All the air pressure is used for is to pump the already fizzy beer into the beer keg tap to allow you to pour the perfect pint every time!

For more information on beer keg tap hire, please contact a member of our sales team.