Beck’s Vier Party Keg Hire

The Beck’s brewery was formed in 1873 by Luder Rutenberg, Heinrich Beck and Thomas May. It now produces the world’s best selling German Beer and is the fifth most popular brewery in Germany. Originally formed under the name “Kaiserbrauerei Beck & May o.H.G.”, the brewery was owned by local families up until early 2002. In early 2002, it was brought by Interbrew for 1.8 billion Euros.

The popularity of this great German beer throughout the world and in the UK is a sure sign that it’s something worth stocking. Therefore, we provide our customers with Beck’s Vier – a lower ABV version of their world-favourite lager. Our Beck’s Vier Party Keg Hire service allows us to provide you with Beck’s Vier in the highest possible quality. In addition, to our Party Pump providing you with the best way to dispense your beers – out of an ice-cold keg.

The 11 gallon kegs used in our Beck’s Vier Party Keg Hire service are perfect for a variety of situations. These include small get-togethers and larger events. 11 gallons is a volume great for stacking up as it will easily get you to higher amounts for larger events, and similarly you can use single kegs as a great addition to your smaller events – 11 gallons giving you easily enough to supply your friends and family for your function.

Along with our Beck’s Vier Party Keg Hire we can offer you the provisioning of our Party Pump dispensers. These dispensers are an extremely easy way to serve your beer straight from the keg. The pump itself is a simple device with no lines, coolers or gas canisters. You simply clamp the pump to the top of the Beck’s Vier Party Keg and you’re done!

Used in tandem with the Party Pump, our Beck’s Vier Party Keg Hire is the perfect way to serve the beers at your event – ensuring that you can pull a perfect ice-cold pint every time.

If our Beck’s Vier Keg service interests you, feel free to get in touch today.