Party Beer Keg

We all live for the weekend… and what’s the best thing about the weekend? Parties! There are many small to medium parties that are thrown every weekend, whether that be a BBQ, birthday party or just the simple house party. The only problem with these kind of events are the drinks selection. Each and every time the organiser buys plenty of bottled beer to go around but this severely reduces the taste that reaches the palate of those drinking, which reduces their enjoyment of the night!

But do not fear! As Party Keg Hire have a cheap and industry-leading party beer keg hire service! No matter what keg your heart desires – Magners, Carling or Peroni – Party Keg Hire has the right keg for you. Party Beer Keg Hire is the perfect way to get all of your friends and family involved in an activity that brings the feel and atmosphere of the pub to your very back garden as each and every guests present can pull their own pint and feel like a barman/woman.

Don’t want to pay for expensive and potentially more dangerous gas bottles, coolers and clamp taps? The Party Keg Hire is the perfect service provider for you. Our new, forward thinking and newly popular party pump hire has taken the keg and hospitality industry by storm. The unit, a small tap and pump, that simply clamp on top of a keg of beer. The hand pump then needs to be pumped which pushes the beer into the professional tap. This then needs to be open fully to pour the perfect pint.

If you’ve already got a keg of beer and just want a cost effective way of dispensing your beer, then simply hire the party pump from Party Keg Hire for a price that will keep you smiling all day long.

Need more information? Simply contact Party Keg Hire today for more information or for a free, no obligation quote!