Keg Party Pump Rental

Parties can often become very expensive events once everything on the checklist has been ticked off. However, Party Keg Hire are here to keep that cost as low as possible on your choice of drink. Undecided whether to go for the traditional bottled beer or go for the more unique, unexpected keg hire to give your guests draught beer at home? It is a known fact that draught beer keeps more of the flavour which is often lost in bottles. Most guests at a party have always wanted to try and pull their own pints from a professional tap – Party Keg Hire can turn this dream into a reality with our keg party pump rental!

Our company believes in simplicity and cost effective drinking solutions. So our team at Party Keg hire can hire out our keg party pump for industry leading prices! The unit is stylish and will fit the bill in any environment – from a back garden to a function hall! The keg party pump keeps cost down for you, the customer, as it does not need a cooler or CO2 gas cylinder – just pump and pour!

Party Beer Keg are very flexible with our keg party pump rental as we you can hire out just the keg party pump if you have received keg rental from another company or can hire out both the keg and the keg party pump! There are many different brands of keg manufacturers such as Molson Coors, InBev and SABMiller. This means that it may be difficult to find a keg party pump rental that fits your keg. Party Keg Hire, however, have virtually all of the keg connecters and couplers. So whether your favourite beer is Carling, Carlsberg, Stella, Becks, Peroni or Fosters – we have a solution for you!

For more information on Party Keg Hire’s keg party pump rental, please contact a member of the sales team.