Buy a Party Pump

Parties are the best way to meet with friends, let your hair down and unwind. They can take many forms, from BBQs, Halloween parties and house warming events but there are many things which will need to be considered when planning such an occasion. What entertainment will you put on? How much and what typeof food should you provide? What drinks should you serve to your guests? Beer is one of the toughest things to get right at a function as it can take up a great deal of room in the fridge if you go for bottles or cans. However, our Buy a Party Pump package can ensure your guests can get involved by pouring their very own fresh pint without breaking the bank!

The party pumps within our Buy a Party Pump packages are stainless steel beer taps which require no gas or electricity. This means that whether you are in a marquee on a remote field, your back garden or a function hall, you can offer party-goers their favourite pint of lager or cider! Just clamp your tap onto your keg, pump to pressurise and pour with the professional tap. Not only will this give your friends and family the best drink option but will also keep them entertained as they attempt to pour their very own!

When you look to buy a party pump, it can be difficult to choose which fitting will suit best to your palate. Party Keg Hire’s customer service team are more than happy to talk you through what beers are compatible with what fittings to help you come to an informed choice on the coupler type to go for. Additional couplers are also available for purchase!

For more information on our Buy a Party Pump package, please get in touch with our customer service team.

Buy a party pump for 124.99 + VAT plus delivery.