It is no secret that Prosecco is a cheaper variation of champagne, with mist Brits reaching for a bottle of the Italian fizz when looking to cheers something important.

However, our new-found love for the drink is not going down too well with many high-end Prosecco brands, believing the drink’s name to have cheapest it.

This includes representative from the Col Vetoraz vineyard in Venice; an organisation that has refrained from using the word ‘Prosecco’ due to its new connotations.

Loris Dall’Acqua, a co-founder, the brand’s Co-Founder, said;

”Our image and the perception of our denomination is being damaged by the production of half a billion bottles of Prosecco that have no history and no links to the land.

“The centuries-old history of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene hills got a violent shock in 2009 when a decision inspired by politics and business meant Prosecco was no longer coming from the vines that 800 years ago found their ideal home.”

Prosecco by the keg

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