Nowadays, in order to run a flourishing, on-trend drinks brand, you need to understand your responsibilities when it comes to sustainability. This is especially the case if you are a popular drinks brand, with modern consumers only valuing companies eager to protect and improve our planet.

Just this month, Danish beer brand, Carlsberg, has announced its plans to combat water waste, promising to half the amount of water it wastes through the production of its beer products.

This will be made possible via their water recycling plant at their brewery in Fredericia. The mission is to turn the level of water waste from 2.9hl of water per hectolitre of beer to 1.4hl of water.

This will make Carlsberg the first brewer to eliminate nearly all of its water waste.

Carlsberg Group integrated supply chain executive vice-president Philip Hodges said:

“This is a big investment for us but also a necessary next step on our journey towards ZERO water waste across all our breweries.

“By recycling 90% of all process water, the Fredericia brewery will halve its current average water consumption for brewing beer, taking it below our 2030 target.

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