While house parties are mostly associated with American high schools and 80’s kids, they are now incredibly popular ways to celebrate and mark all sorts of occasions in the UK.

Popular for birthdays, graduations, engagements, hen parties, stag dos and many other types of occasions, house parties are affordable ways to celebrate. Ridding of the need to pay for parking, settle large bar tabs and the effort to dress up to the nines, there are many advantages to hosting a house party.

Here at Party Keg Hire, we help people hosting house parties with the all-important drink. Below, we take a look at the top drinks to buy in keg form for your soirée!

Carling keg hire

Carling is a relatively weak, pale lager that is non offensive on the taste buds. Being the go-to pint for most, a keg of Carling will prove popular at any house party.

Strongbow keg hire

As one of the most enjoyed ciders of all time, Strongbow is thoroughly enjoyed by most cider drinkers. So, if you want to invest in drink that you know will get drunk, Strongbow is a strong option.

Rekordelig keg hire

Another cider that us Brits are enjoying this year is Rekordelig; especially the strawberry and lime variation. Packed with flavour and sweet as nectar, this cider is a true delight to drink.

Guinness keg hire

Guinness is the most-enjoyed stout in the world, with every bar, pub, club and restaurant stocking the black stuff. If you want to ensure your bar offers something desirable, stocking up on Guinness is essential.

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