At Party Keg Hire, we enjoy sharing top quality kegs of drink with our ever-growing community of customers. Ensuring everyone has access to the best and newest drinks on the market, we always ensure we are keeping an eye on new drink launches.

And, being huge fans of the Guinness brand, we were understandably thrilled to learn that the Irish stout brand has worked on three new tipples.

According to the popular brand, they have developed three new drinks ahead of this year’s Rugby World Cup which will be held in Japan. These drinks are being positioned as the perfect brew to enjoy whilst watching the rugby action unfold.

Paying homage to the flavours and culture of Japan, the beers are a far cry from the conventional ale we enjoy from Guinness here in the UK.

The three options are:

  • Ginger and Wasabi Stout – 6.2% ABV
  • Stout Of The Rising Sun – 4.8% ABV
  • Yuzu Amber Ale – 0.5 ABV

But, where can you get these drinks from? Well, they are very much limited edition, with only a select few expected to get their hands on them.

To get the new drinks out there, Guinness is asking social media followers to share a post about why they are confident in Ireland winning the World Cup. The post needs to be accompanied by the hashtag #IrelandBelieves.

Then, the brand will select a hundred of these ‘belief posts’ giving those that wrote them the chance to taste the new brews. This will take place at the Guinness Open Gate Brewery in Dublin.

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