Heineken is a beer brand that we all recognise and love, famed for being a hoppy, boozy tipple and association with many sporting teams and events.

However, it seems Heineken is changing things up, following in the footsteps of many beer brands and going alcohol-free.

In a plea to remain relevant in a world where alcohol intake is decreasing by the day, Heineken has launched its very own boozeless beer product.

Though boozeless beer is everywhere nowadays, the Dutch brand want to ensure everyone knows about their customers zero alcohol tipple, expected to outshine similar products in the marketplace.

This is why they will be giving away free Heineken 0.0. at a drive thru in Sydney, eager go get the Aussie drinkers on side from the offset.

Damian Dabkowski, Heineken country manager for Australia, said:

“Heineken 0.0 launched globally in 2017 and is exceeding expectations in all 51 markets. In Australia, we estimate that the no alcohol beer segment will reach 22m litres in five years, so it is a huge opportunity. What better way to launch it in market than at Australia’s first Beer Drive-Thru, which is the perfect opportunity to introduce Heineken 0.0 to places it has never been before.”

The brand is also marketing their beer in environments where you wouldn’t usually see beer. This includes behind the wheel, on a lunch break and even with breakfast! Fantastic isn’t it?

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