The public house has for years been dubbed a dying trade, with pubs all over the country shutting its doors. Seeing a huge spike in the number of people drinking at home, the humble local is very much under threat.

Whilst there are many suggestions as to why this is, Mr Wilkinson of the Good Beer Guide 2020 believes its stale beer we need to address.

“Perhaps we just have to accept the hard truth that the biggest threat to the pub is the pub itself. Or rather, the perception of the pub” he says.

“We know how one bad pint of cask ale can put someone off for life, but perhaps we’re less ready to consider the equivalent risk with pubs.

”You go in one where the welcome is unfriendly, the beer is stale, the tables are sticky and an insufferable bore persists in engaging you in conversation, and maybe staying at home with the TV wins out for evermore.”

According to a recent report, we are closing a huge 18 pubs a week here in the UK. Public houses in South East England and the North West are said to be the most effected with pubs outside cities being the most at threat.

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