If you are looking to create a bar for your home like so many people are, then you will need a lot more than a few bottles of drink. In order to create something that looks the part AND is functional, you will require dispensing equipment for the all-important beer.

Ensuring your pints look good, taste great and are beautifully cold, investing in quality dispensing equipment is wise for any bar.

Below, we take a look at the top products proving popular amongst our customers.

Draught Beer Chiller

Being a cooler and a pump all in one, the Draught Beer Chiller can be used for lager and cider, being a number piece of kit that can be kept on top of your bar counter. What’s more is that these systems have their own air pressuriser built in.

Hire yours for just £89.99 today!

Guinness Surger Hire

Though one of the most popular stouts of all time, Guinness is a drink that has made a vivacious return to the world of popularity. For this reason, many are looking to pour stunning pints (with shamrocks) at home. If you are one of these people then hiring a Guinness Surger is a great idea.

Available from just £39.99, these systems are attractive and can turn a can of Guinness into a pub-worthy pint.

Hand Party Pump

You will no doubt have heard us talk about Party Pumps. These are dispensing kits that are revolutionary. Able to get beer, cider, stout, ale and Prosecco from a keg without the need for an energy supply, these pumps are needed for all types of parties. You can hire one of these Hand Party Pumps from as little as £64.99.

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If you are throwing a party, are planning an event or are in need of extra pumps for your business, place your order today.