Here at Party Keg Hire we are eager to celebrate all types of beer products from across the globe, hence our excitement every year when National Beer Day comes around.

Crowning the top beer brands and welcoming new, innovative brewers into the space, this is a day that is all about the nation’s favourite tipple.

This year, popular social media channel, LAD Bible, wanted to get involved, eager to delve deep into our love affair with beer and ale. To do so they conducted a poll, asking their millions of social media followers to vote for their favoured beer.

And, the results were pretty interesting.

According to the firm, Peroni holds the title of ‘Best Beer of All Time’. Outshining all the greats such as Carling, Stella and the likes, this result came as a bit of a shock to many.

“How this isn’t Stella vs Red Stripe is a travesty…..the games fucking gone I tell ya!!!!” Wrote one beer lover.

“Ya’ll know it’s either Becks Vier, Budvar or Budweiser right?” said another.

Gaining a rather large proportion of the vote, Peroni bosses will no doubt be pleased.

Did Peroni get your vote?

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