Brewdog is a beer brand we have all grown to love, renowned for offering memorable beer drinking experiences at all of its establishments. Boasting spots across the UK, the hospitality company now sets its sights on Manchester, opening its second bar in the popular English city.

Said to be a pretty exciting venture for the young company, this bar will have its very own beer school on-site, reaffirming their position as an authority in beer brewing.

Focused on the fine art of beer production, Brewdog’s newest bar will be managed by a team of Cicerone-trained bar staff, offering tours of its brewery as well as masterclasses and a range of other events.

Although eager to try and invent new things, the pub will also feature some of the beers made famous by Brewdog. These include the Punk IPA and Dead Pony Club which will both be available in draft.

James Watt, Captain of BrewDog said: “We love to spread the gospel of craft beer to anyone who is willing to listen and we see the new BrewDog Outpost Manchester location as the next step in the craft beer revolution.

“Alongside serving up our usual mix of BrewDog staples, we will be giving visitors a chance to delve deeper into our world with a selection of on-site limited edition brews and the dedicated Beer School area.

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