From fruit-based beer and beer made from leftover cereal to beer created in a test tube, there is always some sort of beer flavour experiment going on.

This is why it was only a matter of time before the worlds of beer and coffee collided; two drinks categories that us Brits love wholeheartedly.

Just this week we learn that ‘Hard Coffee’ is now a thing. Developed by iPabst brewery, their Blue Ribbon Hard Coffee is thought to be an ingenious blend of coffee and beer.

Said to have a milky, chocolate undertone, this drink is something we all want to give a try. And, at a commendable 5% volume, it packs a real punch also!

But, why only now are we seeing coffee beer fill the shelves? Well, internationally we are seeing a decrease in beer consumption, something brewers across the globe are looking to put right. As a result they are testing various different products, with the more innovative, the better.

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