In Britain, we are currently battling a drink driving epidemic, with the number of crashes and fatalities caused by drunk drivers on the increase. And while we make a living from the sale of alcohol, we at Party Keg Hire are just as passionate about the promotion of responsible drinking as we are the drinks we sell.

This is why today we take a look at a recent research project, one that highlights flaws in our current laws and suggests that drivers shouldn’t touch a drip.

Conducted by neuroscientists at the University of Sussex, the research proved that we react to even the slightest drop of alcohol. Focusing on alcohol’s ability to negatively impact our sense of urgency and response times, findings suggest that a zero-alcohol approach may be for the best when it comes to driving.

Dr Silvana De Pirro, lead author of the research paper, said: “Our study presents a compelling case that even one pint of beer is enough to significantly compromise a person’s sense of agency.

“This has important implications for legal and social responsibility of drivers, and begs the question: are current alcohol limits for driving truly safe?”

Drinking at home

The most-reported drink driving incidents involve people heading home from the pub after one or two. For this reason, we are seeing a rise in the number of people drinking at home. As well as saving drinkers a considerable amount of money, drinking at home also takes away the need or temptation to drink drive.

If you are a home drinker then ensure you are saving money on beer and hire a keg through us!