Summer 2019 is set to be a season ram-packed with incredible sport. From Wimbledon and the Cricket World Cup to the Rugby World Cup and various big racing meets, sports fans are spoilt for choice when it comes to what to watch.

This is why many households are now stocking up their fridges ahead of summer aka, party season. However, what many households find is that there is not enough room in the fridge for everything to fit in, with cans and bottles of beer usually taking up most of the space on the shelves.

Here is where we at Party Keg Hire come in, encouraging our customers to invest in keg hire for a summer of sport. As well as saving fridge space, there are various other benefits to doing so. One of them is being saving the planet. By hiring a keg, you rid of the need to throw away tens of cans and bottles, saving on plastic, metal and paper waste consequently.

What’s more is that hiring kegs of beer always ensures a good-looking, well-poured pint every time.

How do I get the beer out of the keg?

Ensuring your beer is dispensed in a way that makes for a strong pint will no doubt be a focus for you. This is why we are thrilled to offer our customers not only keg hire but the chance to buy their very own Party Pump. This is an incredible piece of kit that can retrieve beer from a keg without the use of any electric or gas. Being easy to use and again kind on the environment, what more could you ask for?

Order your kegs now and have them delivered in time for a fine summer of sport.