Here at Party Keg Hire, we are seeing a huge shift in beer production, with many brands using recycled foods and liquids to produce new beverages for their customers. This is in a plea to reduce our country’s waste, with small, startup brewers as well as international brands eager to do their bit for the planet.

Just this week, popular cereal brand, Kellogg’s, has jumped on the bandwagon, announcing that they will be launching their very own beer brand. Utilising leftover rice to do so, this ‘ethical beer’ is to be created at the Manchester factory, joining forces with Seven Bro7hers to turn rejected Coco Pops into craft beer.

The two beer products, a choco stout and double dry hopped pale ale, will be packed with grains that failed to meet Kellogg’s’ stupidly strict quality checks, either being over-cooked, under-cooked or discoloured.

‘Our primary objective is to convert every kilo of grain we buy into food that we can sell. However, that’s not always possible,” said corporate social responsibility manager for Kellogg’s UK and Ireland, Kate Prince.

“Kellogg’s is always looking for innovative ways to use surplus food, and the collaboration with Seven Bro7hers is a fun way to repurpose non-packaged, less-than-perfect cereal.

“This activity is part of our new ‘Better Days’ commitments that aim to reduce our impact on the planet,” she added.

Keith McAcvoy, co-founder of Seven Bro7hers Brewery, said: “Working with Kellogg’s on the production of our first sustainable beer was amazing.

“To carry on with this partnership and create two new exciting craft beers is even better. We are extremely proud to be working with Kellogg’s and be part of the fight against food waste.”

When off the make line, the beer will be sold at bars across the UK and will be available to purchase at places such as Ocado, Selfridges and Booths.

Let us know what you think, will you be ordering a pint of Kellogg’s beer?