Father’s Day is now just a week or so away, meaning most of us are in a rush to find something nice for our Fathers. If that’s you, then we highly advise you consider keg hire, surprising your old man with his very own keg of beer or cider.

If you are wondering whether this is something your Dad would appreciate, below are a few things to consider.

Your dad won’t expect it

On Father’s Day, you want to surprise your Dad with something unique, showing Dad that you have actually put some thought into your gift. This is especially the case if you always opt for the same, boring old gift every year.

It’s an affordable gift

When buying gifts in a rush, it is easy to go over to top and buy something that is out of your price range, just to get the job done. This won’t happen when hiring kegs, being a lot more affordable than you may think.

You know it will get used

Although a box of chocolates or a novelty t-shirt is a great gift, getting your Dad something that you know will get used is always a good idea. And, that will certainly be the case with a keg of beer, giving your Dad the gift of cold, scrumptious beer that he can enjoy any time.

We can have it delivered to your door

Hiring a keg rids of the need for you to dart around shops or hump big presents in the car, with the Party Keg Hire team able to deliver you Dad’s keg of beer directly to his door.

Order your kegs now

Order you beer keg now and get it delivered in time for Father’s Day! You can do this online or via telephone; it is up to you!