A fun-filled festival weekend isn’t complete without some boozy beers. There’s nothing better than sipping on an ice-cold beer as you sway along to your favourite band on stage. In fact, beer kegs play a big role in ensuring there’s a great number of beverages served at any festival. Here at Party Keg Hire, we’ve got what you need to bring a bit of extra magic to your summer festival.  

A variety of kegs   

 We have a large variety of kegs available to keep your festival going all weekend! This includes Guinness, Stella, London Pride, Camden Hells Lager, Strongbow and Peroni and more – the list is endless. If you want options other than beer, we also provide ale, stout, cider, Pimms or prosecco. We promise any festival-goer will be satisfied with our generous array of beverages.  

High-quality dispensing equipment 

Great beer doesn’t come without great dispensing equipment. On top of our range of kegs, we also offer a wide variety of dispensing equipment to serve up tasty pints. Our most popular is the Draught Beer Chiller; it has a compact tap with an inbuilt cooling system and air pressuriser. So your hot and bothered guests can cool off with our cold, chilly pints. It’ll keep them coming back for more, that’s for sure! 

Alongside that, we’ve also got our popular Hand Party Pump. If you’re after a professional, easy-to-pour system, this is the equipment for you! Its bar-style tap requires no gas or electricity – perfect for a festival event.  

Hire a keg for your festival  

Lots of music and sun – the only thing missing is a beer keg! If you’re interested in hiring a beer keg for your summer festival, contact our sales team today for more details on our products. We’ll be happy to fulfil your beer beverage needs!