Did you know that beer is the most-consumed alcoholic beverage in the UK? This is why if you are hosting any type of event, it is likely that you will need to cater to a beer-lover or two. But, if you rarely indulge in a beer, you may be worried about what to serve, how to serve it and generally how to give beer enthusiasts a good time. Well, not to worry! Here at Party Keg Hire, we have put together a few tips for you to make use of.


‘Beer’ is an incredibly vast drinks category. From lagers and stouts to wheat beer and pilsner, the beer options on the market are extensive. In order to ensure you event caters to beer-lovers, it is essential that you have a variety of beer to choose from, extending your offering past your conventional pale lager.

Go craft

As an extensive of the above point, we highly recommend that you include craft beers in your stock. As a corner of the beer market that is booming of late, sophisticated beer drinkers want to taste beers from local or independent brewers.

Serve foods that complements beer

Like wine, beer is now being paired with food that accentuate its flavours. If you really want to impress the beer-drinkers at your event, serve nibbles and dishes that complement beer. Generally, spicy and creamy foods work well with most beer variations.

Ensure your beer is COLD

There is nothing worse than a warm beer. Full stop. This is why you will have to ensure you are keeping all of your beers, ciders and stouts chilled in preparation for your event.

Beer keg hire

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