Over the years, us Brits have become pretty obsessed with the price of beer. Being highly offended when our local watering holes up their rates, the measure of a pub or restaurant is often based on how much they charge for a humble pint. But, this obsession only intensifies when leaving the county, with holidaymakers keen to know what they will be forking out for a lager or cider when on their summer break.

This is something Howmuch.net wanted to press on, compiling data of world beer prices. Below are their findings.

The cities charging the most for beer

Hong Kong – £8.40
Geneva – £8.23
Tel Aviv – £7.28
New York – £6.86
Miami – £6.86

Where to get a cheap pint of beer

As well as highlighting where buying beer is a costly affair, the survey also looked to uncover the cities charging fairly for a pint. Below is what they came up with:

Bratislava – £1.70
Delhi – £1.77
Kiev – £1.80
Ho Chi Minh City – £1.79
Kraków – £2.06

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