Where a pint of beer and a packet of crisps was once the go-to weekend dinner, as beer drinkers, we have matured (slightly). Taking the flavours of world beer more seriously, the taste bud is always being considered.

Now, we are seeing the emergence of beer-drinkers looking for foods that complement beer. Wanting to intensify the flavours of their lagers, beers and ciders, beer is slowly replacing wine as a top-end drink.

This is we at Party Keg Hire have below listed a few beer and food parings to consider:


If you are a lover of Ale, you may want to think carefully about the foods you are eating whilst consuming your tipple of choice. From research, we found that the spicy foods, especially of Mexican influence, work well with Ale.


Due to its pretty weak taste and subtle flavours, lager goes with foods with similar qualities. Renowned for bloating us up, eating foods like fish, light pastas and foods of Asian origin are recommended.


Pilsner beer and cheese are the ultimate supercouple. So, if you are planning for a night on a Pilsner, complement it well with a nice cheese board or cheesy-based dish.


With deep flavours, stouts like Guinness seem to work well with salty and smoked food, with big, vivacious favours only enhancing that wheat taste.


With summer now around the corner, many will be cracking open the cider. If you are a summer cider drinker, you will be glad to know that there are a whole host of flavours that accentuate the drink.

Ginger, cinnamon and apple are great. But foods with creamy textures should be your go-to food inspirations.

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