The beer market is changing. There is no doubt about that. Where years ago, we would go to the pub and have one or two lager and ale options on draft, now the market is so diverse, we never know what we will be serviced. This, paired with the nation’s love of world and craft beers, beer producers are very much fighting fire, trying to stay relevant during these changing times.

This was highlighted in a recent report issued by EeBriaTrade; a popular beer distribution business.

Quizzing over 600 breweries within their network, the brand has really honed in on the trends forming and impacting the industry.

No- and low-ABV category

As mentioned in many of our previous blog posts, the no and low-ABV beer market is booming. While fed from our new-found love for healthy living, the demand for zero and low-booze beer has inevitably seen beer-makers revising their product lists.

According to EaBriaTrade, we have witnessed a 381% growth in low and no ABV beer sales in the last 24 months.

Reverting back to cans

Where bottled beer rose to fame in the 90s, most craft beer producers are reverting back to cans, with many investing in their own can lines. Remarkably, those that have done so have seen an increase in sales, displaying a changing taste when it comes to the way UK drinkers want their beer packaged.

Changing tastes

Your conventional pint of Carling just will not do anymore. This report shows that pale ales and IPAs are well and truly on-trend, with demand often being stronger than supply!

Beer kegs

Here at Party Keg Hire, we have noticed that as well as the above, those that drink at home are investing in beer kegs rather than crates of cans or bottles.

If you would like to explore the many keg hire options available to you, get in touch today!