While craft beer is now favoured amongst almost all millennial drinkers across the world, there are some countries that take the subject a lot more seriously than others.  

And, it appears that us Londoners are leading the way when it comes to craft beer consumption AND production.  

In a recent survey conducted by popular beer Brewhouse, it was revealed that beer was by far our favourite alcoholic beverage, with 48% of survey contributors giving beer their vote. Surveying 2,000 adults, they also uncovered that 53% of said beer-lovers preferred alternative beers, drinking more craft beers than they did 10 years ago.  

A huge 41% of drinkers claimed the average lager to be boring and outdated, with new-age beers being the focus for the drinkers of London.

A growing beer market  

Growing in popularity year on year, big beer brands are trying their hardest to compete with craft producers. However, craft beer makers seem to be doing something that the mainstream companies can’t; attract women. With 23% of women trying more craft beers than they would have previously, this survey paints a real picture of the changing times we find ourselves in.  

According to the Head of Marketing at Brewhouse, the craft beer market is:

“fast becoming an important force driving growth in the hospitality sector, bringing with it a new wave of pubs and bars.” 

“Despite this growth, it has always been difficult for brewers to rival the multi-national companies that have become staples in our homes, our restaurants and pubs and our supermarkets.” 

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