As you will have seen all over social media, today is International Women’s Day; a day to celebrate female power, equality and progression. This is why today, we take a look at the top women making their mark in the beer industry.

Lisa Harlow, Co-founder of network for women in beer, Dea Latis, says the following on the subject:

“Many women in these roles still experience sexist remarks, and that ‘woman brews beer’ still makes headlines suggests that it is far from the norm. It is still a man’s world both in production and consumption.”

As an incredibly male-orientated space, the world of beer is commonly associated with men. However, in recent years, the below women and organisations’ achievements have been a cause for celebration.

Vic Helsby

Helsby is of the Wiper and True brand; a brewer that is full of female figureheads. Encouraging more women to become thought leaders in the space, she recently called for women to ‘share their knowledge and pass on their experience’.

Stroud Brewery

Stroud Brewery has fast become a prominent name in the beer world and is the brainchild of brewer; Chloe Brooks. Doing some great things to put Vegan and organic beer on the map, Stroud Brewery’s products are fast becoming part of mainstream drinking culture.

Boss Brewing

Found in South Wales, Boss Brewing was founded by Sarah John, having won multiple awards for her Boss Black beer product. Said to employ dark chocolate tones, this beer is truly special!

Belinder Jennings

“We nabbed unicorns before anyone else,” says head brewer of Redwell, Belinda Jennings. Talking about the unique artwork adorned on the cans on their Extra Pale Ale, the brand has cleverly combined fine artwork with fine beer.

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