Guinness is a stout brand that are credited for their innovative marketing campaigns, always able to keep the traditional drink popular in the mainstream.

Just this week, the age-old brand has launched a new product; Clear Guinness. With almost everyone talking about the new release online, we at Party Keg Hire wanted to learn more!

In the new advert, actors read about this new see-through Guinness with a clear head; a drink that they say will make for a night to remember. But, the drink is in fact just water, with the “time honored recipe” being a pint of humble H20.

Coinciding with the Six Nations rugby tournament, the product sends a message about responsible drinking, with such big sporting events known for seeing drinkers over indulge. Exercising their responsible nature, we cannot help but give Guinness kudos for their efforts.

Mark Sandys, Global Head of Beer at Diageo, says:

“We think the light-hearted approach delivered through our Guinness Clear product launch will drive conversation and put responsible drinking to front of mind throughout the Guinness Six Nations and beyond. We want to make sure that ordering water, no matter the context, is an active and positive choice by the millions of fans who will be watching and attending the Guinness Six Nations over the next six weeks.”

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