Magners is one of the most-consumed ciders here in the UK, being the unofficial sponsor of the British summertime. And, with new ciders entering the market all the time, it has managed to retain its royal title.

Here at Party Keg Hire, we are huge fans of the apple cider, having served the thirst-quenching mixture at various events and celebrations during our time. However, in recent months, we are seeing an increase in appetite for Magners keg hire, with more people wanting to indulge in pub-worthy pints at home.

Cider keg hire

Cider keg hire is a service that we at Party Keg Hire have been offering for many years now, helping cider fans across the UK enjoy cold, scrumptious cider as and when they so wish. This is why we have extended our offering, now offering Magners in keg form.

Below are some other ciders you can hire kegs of through us:

  • Erdinger
  • Leffe
  • Magners Dark Fruit
  • Orchard Pig
  • Rekorderlig Strawberry –lime
  • Strongbow
  • Strongbow Cloudy Apple

Dispensing equipment

Worried about how you will get the cider from your keg into you glass? Well, there is no need. This is because you can purchase a Party Pump through this very site. This is an ingenious piece of dispensing equipment that can be used anywhere, at any time!

What’s more is that to work the Party Pump, you will not need any gas or electric whatsoever. Simply attach this device to the keg, put your keg in an iced bucket and get pouring!

Order your keg now!

If you have a party coming up or would like to invest in keg hire for you and your family then arrange your hire through this very website. Renowned for our affordable nature and our quick delivery times, Party Keg Hire is the home of keg hire.