The Six Nations tournament is at the epicentre of the sporting calendar, renowned for bringing people together in their shared passion for rugby. With rugby games being a cause for celebration, most that watch the game at home will want a cold pint in their hand; the perfect accompaniment to an explosive match.

However, filling the whole fridge up with cans both costs a bomb and takes up a great deal of room. This is why those showing the game at home are starting to invest in beer keg hire; a service that is convenient and affordable.

Kegs of Guinness

This Six Nations tournament is sponsored by the famous stout brand; Guinness. So, is there more of a fitting drink to indulge in when watching the ruggers than a cold pint of the black stuff?

Lager keg hire

If you are inviting a large crowd of sports fans into your home, you may want to look into hiring a keg or two of lager. With lager being one of the most-consumed beverages during such events, you will no doubt get through the lot!

Cider keg hire

With the days getting warmer, many of us Brits are venturing into the world of cider; a drink that perfectly complements good weather. So, if your guests will be attending in big numbers, it may be an idea to order in a cider keg.

Prosecco keg hire

When we think of kegs, cider ad lager spring to mind. However, here at Party Keg Hire, we also offer Prosecco by the keg! Able to be hired and delivered straight to your door, these kegs are great, especially when cheersing your team’s success!

Order your kegs today

If you are looking to hire kegs in time for the next big game, contact us at Party Keg Hire.