St Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. Celebrate the occasion with your coworkers or treat your office staff to a traditional drink with Office Guinness Hire. From kegs to surger cans, we offer you the best choices for Draught Guinness pints in the office.

The traditional way of serving Guinness is from a keg. This is a magnificent way of enjoy the celebrations in a traditional and authentic way. Along with the keg, we can provide a portable dispenser called the Draught Beer Chiller, which is an all in one counter-top dispenser. Why not go all out and claim the Pub Style set up?

The Pub Style Set Up will have you showing off the latest Guinness Harp tap that is true to tradition. This will truly show your coworkers or office staff how much you appreciate them. The best choice for dispensing with Office Guinness Hire.

If you are looking to save on room, then why not go for our Guinness Surger Hire option. The Guinness Surger uses specially brewed surger cans which are placed on a specially made tectonic plate. The plate then uses ultrasonic waves to produce you a pint that tastes the same as one straight from the tap.

Have the ultimate package and serve your pints from a choice of our mobile bars. This includes our Lawn Bar, dawning green to represent the green fields of Ireland. Or let your bar shine with our Backlit LED Bar that can brighten up your Office Guinness Hire when set to a green hue.

If you are interested in Office Guinness Hire or have any questions, please contact our team.