An expansion on the A14 in the UK has led to to the discovery of an ancient uk beer residue by archaeologists working and helping on site.

Found along with a mammoth tusk and a forgotten village, scientist had taken the sample to be further discovered. Results revealed that there is a strong possibility that this ancient sample was the first ever type of beer made in the UK.

It was also revealed that people back then were very fond of a bread and honey mixture which was more commonly processed with Maritime Barley as no hops could grow locally. The very same brewing process to make the Ancient UK Beer was also used to purify their water for drinking.

The find is said to be a one in a million chance and the archaeologist who found it and was 1 of 250, explained “It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack but, as an archaeologist, it’s incredibly exciting to identify remains of this significance”

The road improvement works had started in 2016 and is scheduled to finish in 2020, who knows what other ancient interesting things will be discovered?

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