When planning any sort of event or celebration, your budget will unfortunately dictate a lot of what you can and cannot do. Having helped people plan all sorts of get-togethers in our time, we are proud to be offering affordable kegs to those that need them, helping planners stay within budget without compromising on fun!

Top events to hire a keg  

While offering our keg hire services to anyone that requires them, we are most commonly called upon by those planning the following:  

  • House parties  
  • Wedding receptions  
  • Festival  
  • Graduation parties  
  • Birthday celebrations  
  • Anniversaries  
  • Corporate dos  
  • Proms  

And much more!  

Clear pricing for keg hire  

If you have been shopping around for keg hire, you will notice that many websites either require you to call in for a quote or add on various charges when you go to checkout of your basket. This is where we are Party Keg Hire differ, detailing all of our prices on our website for all to see. This includes delivery and collection charges, ensuring each and every one of our customers can shop confidently, knowing that what they see is what they get.  

Our selection of kegs 

Here at Party Keg Hire, we are incredibly proud of our diverse selection of kegs available for hire, proving to be a one-stop-shop for party planners! From popular lager and craft beer to prosecco and cider, we can cater to any alcohol taste and preference out there.  

What’s more is that you can also purchase your dispensing equipment through us, buying everything you could possibly need to put on a night you and your guests will find hard to forget!  

So, what are you waiting for? Get searching now and locate the best deals for keg rental.