The humble house party has well and truly made a return, with all types of events now taking place at the family home. From birthdays and after parties to prom parties and even corporate dos, people are turning their homes into fully-fledged bars across the UK.

If you are thinking of throwing the ultimate house party in the near future, then you will no doubt have put some thought into beer. Being the most-consumed beverage at any party, arranging the all-important beer supply is a must!

Here at Party Keg Hire, we have found that more and more people are renting kegs for their house parties, making use of their convenient nature as well as the savings to be made on beer! So, if you are looking to hire a keg for an upcoming party at yours, below are the best beers to explore!


Amstel is growing into an incredibly popular beer, with UK drinkers admiring the drink’s pale nature and mildly bitter taste. Not working with too many ‘out there’ or daring flavours, this is a conventional lager that all will love.


Budweiser, aka, ‘The King of Beer’ is also widely-enjoyed. And, with a crispness and slight sweetness, it is easy to see why it is the most-consumed beer across the world.


Sticking to the stereotypes of your average pint, Carling is pale, wheaty and relatively low in alcohol content. So, if you think your guests may need pacing when it comes to alcohol consumption, Carling could be an option for you.


This Danish beer has a very similar taste to Becks, being light, refreshing and highly drinkable when cold.


Last, but by no means least, we have Cobra; a beer often coupled with spicy food such as Indian curry. Being a rather aromatic beer, Cobra is sweet, bready and malty.

If you wish to hire any of the above beer kegs then you have landed on the right website. Explore our range here and ensure your party is catering to the beer drinkers!