It’s the beginning of 2019 and that means a whole new round of holidays to look forward to. A great day that many enjoy around the UK is St Patrick’s Day. So why not plan ahead and rent a keg with a dispenser today!

If you are looking for an authentic Irish drinks experience, then look no further.
Rent a keg of Guinness or Magners and have the great option of choosing from our portable dispensers. This includes the Draught Beer Chiller, Hand Party Pump, Guinness Surger or the new and exclusive MDDU.

The Draught Beer Chiller and Hand Party Pump both use air to pressurise. The only difference is that the Draught Beer Chiller comes with a built in cooler so that your pints come out nice and cold. The Hand Party Pump would require a tub with ice and water to cool down the keg.

If you are looking to save on space as you don’t have enough room for a keg, then why not look at our Guinness Surger? Used with Surger Cans, the Guinness Surger Unit uses ultrasonic technology. Delivers a pint of stout that tastes as if it it came out directly from the keg. Guinness Surger cans are available which means that you would not need to rent a keg.

And finally, we come to the MDDU. This an exclusive Mobile Draught Dispensing Unit that is also a bar! Simply rent a keg of your choice and have a pub style dispensing system that will leave all your guests in awe.

In addition to the classic Magners and Guinness choices, why not rent a keg of Hop House 13 lager. Growing in popularity every day! And we also having covered with the addition choice of purchasing disposable pint cups. All to make it easier to enjoy St Patrick’s Day!

For any questions on how to rent a keg with a dispenser for St Patrick’s day, contact our team today!