Why go out to the pub when you can bring the pub to you with our Party Pub Hire? We have a range of services that allow you to have your own Party Pub Hire in the comfort of your chosen venue. Whether it be at home, a function room or a hall – we can provide everything that you need to impress your guests and offer drinks.

With our Party Pub Hire, we can provide you with draught beer dispensing equipment and kegs so that you can allow your guests to enjoy chilled beverages on tap all night long. Your guests will love being able to walk straight up to the tap and pour their own pints.

We offer a vast range of kegs, whether you’re looking for lager, cider, ale, stout, prosecco or Pimm’s – we have everything that you need to ensure that guests can enjoy their favourite drinks on tap.

Not looking for large kegs of beer? No problem. We now have a brand new machine called Blade. This is a countertop machine that allows you to pour pints like in a pub, however, each keg holds approximately 14 pints making it great for smaller functions.

We understand that it’s important to spend time with your guests and not be up pouring pints every five minutes. That’s why we can also offer bar staff hire so that you can enjoy your Party Pub Hire as much as your guests!

For more information or a full quote for our Party Pub Hire, contact a member of our team today!