Our team at Party Keg Hire realise the importance of Beer Keg Hire for Parties. Kegs often play a big part in ensuring that there is a sufficient amount of drink at your event.

We have a vast range of kegs available. Including Guinness, London Pride, Camden Hells Lager, Strongbow and Peroni. So whether you’re looking for ale, stout, lager or cider – we’ve got you covered.

We also have Pimm’s (premixed with lemonade) or Prosecco kegs available. Meaning that you can keep all of your guests happy with drinks that everyone enjoys.

Beer Keg Hire for Parties is a great option. As it means that you don’t need to clear your whole fridge out in order to fit multiple bottles or cans in there. Our most popular dispenser is the Draught Beer Chiller which chills the beer when streaming through it’s internal cooler.

For more information on Beer Keg Hire for Parties, contact our sales team today.