All work and no play makes employees dull. So why not give them a little treat with Office Blade Hire.

A new entry from Heineken, the Blade Beer Machine is a perfect solution to motivate and inspire the workplace. All made possible with our Office Blade Hire. The Blade Bundles are available so that you have a choice of two beers, Heineken or Birra Moretti. However, If you can’t choose between the two then why not have both? Mix and match for a variety of choice among your employees.

If 2 kegs is not enough, don’t worry as you cant step it up a notch with our 4 keg bundle. Furthermore, there is no need to worry about running out as there are additional individual kegs to buy with Office Blade Hire.

The Blade Machine is a sleek and unique design that makes it perfect to fit into the workplace. Easy to move around, we are certain that you can find the perfect place to display it.

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