Looking to hold a party, small gathering or to just relax in style at home? However, take it a step further with Home Blade Beer Hire. As a result, say goodbye to cleaning up empty bottles and cans!

Our Home Blade Beer Hire service offers bundles that will suit any size of a party or gathering. From a bundle of 28 pints to 56, you can plan ahead to make sure that every guests has plenty to drink.

However, do not worry if you think that 56 pints may not be enough, as Home Blade Beer Hire also offers individual kegs. There are 2 premium beer choices; Heineken or Birra Moretti. Furthermore, if you can’t make your mind up, have no fear as you can choose to mix and match.

The set up of a Home Blade Beer Hire is simple and easy with instructions being sent with your order for convenience. In addition to Home Blade Beer Hire is that the Blade Dispenser is a unique and magnificent machinery to behold. With its smooth aluminium coating, your guests will be left impressed!

Why wait? Head over to our bundles and place an order for Home Blade Beer Bundles!

If you have any questions, contact us and we will be more than happy to help!