Paulaner Deal


  • £180.99 + VAT – Savings of £15 plus VAT
  • 6% ABV
  • 30 Litres/52 Pints


World Cup Paulaner Deal

Our Paulaner Keg and Dispenser Deal consists of a 30 Litre/52 Pint Pint keg of Paulaner and our portable Draught Beer Chiller dispenser.

No one makes lagers like the Germans, and Munich’s historic Paulaner Brewery makes some of the best. This crisp helles starts malty sweet but dries out as the hoppy, biscuit finish takes over. It’s made will all Bavarian ingredients, including hallertau, a nobel German hop used in lagers all over the world.

Show your support for Germany during the World Cup, with one of their most famous lagers.

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